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  • Tim Burke

MLB Lockout Provides Opportunity For NCAA

Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the cancellation of the first two series of the MLB season. The league created lockout has been a disaster for the sport of baseball. Player salaries will be cut, the fans will get less games but league revenue will be made up by the upcoming extended postseason format whenever baseball resumes. The return of baseball is a huge question mark. The Major League Baseball Player Association is furious with how the league has handled negotiations. Those who have paid attention to the lockout know Major League Baseball has used a threatening, bullying-like approach towards the negotiations with the MLBPA. Unfortunately, the only thing the league is doing is hurting the game we all love. No matter what statements you may see from Manfred and the league, the owners do not care about the sport, the players, or the fans. They do not care about people, they care about their money. Here is an example below.

Everyone who truly loves the game of baseball is sickened by the latest actions and behaviors of the league. I love baseball. I have dreamed of working in a Front Office of a Major League Baseball team for the majority of my life and even I am disgusted with MLB right now. However, I see an opportunity.

College baseball is not the biggest money maker for the NCAA. For years, college baseball has not been the most accessible sport for baseball fans to consume. That being said, there are several ways fans can watch college baseball. The network that has invested the most in college baseball is ESPN. Their streaming service ESPN+ offers the most collegiate baseball games of any sports network and streaming service.

If you want to watch local college baseball teams they are spread out across divisions. Here is the list below,

  • Northeastern Colonial Athletic Association (CAA)

  • Boston College Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

  • Umass Amherst Atlantic 10

  • Harvard Ivy League Conference

  • Holy Cross Patriot League

These are all Division 1 baseball teams in the area that are already playing competitive baseball right now. All of their games can be watched via computer and streaming. You can research either the team or their conference for more information. Just because MLB cannot get it together does not mean fans cannot watch baseball. The NCAA has an opportunity to gain college baseball fans. They should make the sport more accessible for fans to watch during this lockout. It will only benefit them. Lack of access to content is what is currently hurting the game, especially with MLBTV. If you like baseball, put in the effort to watch college baseball. It will help grow the game and satisfy baseball fans with good, entertaining baseball. Do not let the greed of billionaire owners ruin America’s National Pastime.

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